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deep blue sea quilt

Five-star grandmas buy handmade baby quilts because they’ve come up through the ranks of smart gifting. Here are five things they learned along the way. Give a Gift with Wow Power Years of getting gifts and giving gifts have taught savvy grandmas that when the pretty wrapping paper comes off, the object that is revealed […]

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  When you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, you want something completely different from everything else in the stack.  Think penguins to get you there. Here’s why:  Penguins Are Media Stars.   Movies such as Happy Feet, The Penguins of Madagascar and Mr. Popper’s Penguins have put this lovable bird right smack in the

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Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

Handmade baby quilts for boys and girls will beautify the nursery and keep the little ones toasty warm, but their greatest virtue is their cuddliness. What better gift could you give a new-born or a toddler than a super-soft, home-made baby quilt that will always be a source of soothing comfort? Who Likes to Cuddle?

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Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

The Super Bowl is coming, and the newest fans will enjoy their first one wrapped in a quilt with a football motif.  Buying a home-made baby quilt with a football design is the perfect way to include the newest member of the family in something the rest of the family enjoys so much, and there’s

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Buying homemade baby quilts can help with your resolve to get closer to your loved ones. A gift quilt makes that New Year’s resolution  just as easy to keep as to make. How so? Pick a Quilt that’s a Match You can select beautiful handmade quilts for boys and girls that dovetail with your family’s

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When grandparents and other loved ones can’t wrap their arms around the new little baby in the family, unique baby quilts made with loved ones’ clothes give special comfort in special ways. When it’s right The grandparents might have passed on, or they might just live too far away to be a presence in the

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Why do handmade baby quilts for boys and girls stand head and shoulders above the crowd of nondescripts? When they open gifts of  handmade baby quilts at the shower, they’ll see something other gifts lack: Personality. That quilt will say, “Look at me, folks, I’m something special! “ The Prints Pack the Punch Look at

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If you’re thinking about buying a homemade baby quilt for the new little one in your life, you’re looking for eye-appeal, usefulness, and staying power. Compared to the clothes that will be discarded, and the gear that will be outgrown, handmade baby quilts for boys and girls will last and last in numerous transmutations. Cats

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There’s more than one right time to buy a homemade baby quilt for the baby in your life, so if you think you’ve missed the boat, think again! Okay, so the shower would have been the perfect time to give handmade baby quilt gifts. With its original design and quality construction, it would have far outshone the

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great grandma

When moms and dads graduate to grand-parenthood, their relationship with the new little babies in the family can be just as intense as it was with their own children. This time around there are ways of showing their love that just weren’t there before.  One of the most enjoyable is buying the grand-babies wonderful gifts

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