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Quilting With The Baby Quilt Lady

I have been an avid quilter since I was 8 years old, many years ago. In this site I am sharing my blog posts and some tips and tricks to make quilting easier.

Please view the Resource Page to access my Quilting Learning Center.

Our Latest Posts

Kinsley pinning quilt
10 Days of Learning to Quilt

Here are the 10 days of learning to quilt as I helped my granddaughter make her first baby quilt. Re…

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deer quilt detail
Children’s Handmade Quilts for the Nursery

The doctor gives the mother the good news that her baby is on the way.  From this moment on the…

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peach bunnies and flowers
Meet Our Baby Barnyard Friends

Welcome to our baby barnyard friends.  There is no time like the present to introduce a newborn…

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personalized zoo quilt
4 Reasons Personalized Handmade Baby Quilts Make Great Gifts

Choosing a baby gift can be one of those monumental tasks. New moms today have their own ideas of wh…

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handmade quilt fabric
Baby Quilt Patterns

New baby quilt patterns are on the top of my list now that summer is here. I used to say, “Sew much …

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grammie and granddaughter
Teaching the Next Generation to Quilt

Unique baby quilts for the next generation don’t just materialize without time spent and hard work.&…

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