5 Reasons Why Handmade Baby Quilts Make Cherished Keepsakes

To use an old show biz expression, handmade baby quilts have legs. Just like a hit Broadway show, baby boutique quilts have staying power.

Now that’s a great virtue when you’re thinking about buying a gift for a baby shower or a newborn’s arrival because your gift is the one that will be treasured throughout this little one’s babyhood and for many years to come.

1. Most Items for Newborn Have Short Expiration Dates.

If it’s a cute outfit, it will be history quickly as the thriving baby grows bigger. Not only does it get outgrown, but there’s a good possibility that several trips through the washer will have a bad effect on its appearance and/or construction. If it’s an infant swing or a bassinet, its days are numbered as the baby grows.

2. How to Buy Baby Quilts With Longevity  

When you’re looking for handmade baby quilts to buy, select the quilter carefully. If you do, you’ll be buying something that is made to last. Experienced quilters who know how to make handmade baby quilts use top quality threads and materials to create quilts that will provide years of pleasure. They know their way around specialty fabrics, so they can make minky quilts with the stretchiness accounted for.  They’ll employ the best binding technique to ensure their handmade baby quilts for sale will stand up to numerous washings and all the rough and tumble they’ll get as a baby’s close companion.

3. The Personal Aspect Enhances the Keepsake Value

Whatever the interests of the family are, there’s a baby quilt handmade from flannel to connect to it. Unique baby quilt ideas include designs with fish and boats and animals among the many motif choices. So the family with members in the service will love a red, white and blue palette. And the avid fishermen will appreciate a soft flannel baby quilt with ocean creatures in the design. Moms who gather ladybug or frog collectibles will adore that theme expressed in the nursery.

A Whale of a Tale, Handmade Baby Quilt

4. Versatility Keeps Quilts Longtime Favorites

In its first job, a baby quilt made of soft flannel is a source of soothing comfort to a newborn. Sometimes bonds are established between baby and the quilt that last for many years.

As the child gets older, the quilt can keep him cozy in his stroller, or help her nap in an out-of home locale.  Later, it’s a great play mat, keeping toddlers protected from floor surfaces. And when it’s big bed time, the quilt is often a friendly bed accent.

handmade baby quilt gifts

5. Cherished Always

Because it has been so comforting to the lucky child that has one and so durable throughout his childhood, the baby quilt becomes a precious keepsake to be handed down to that child’s children.

It is a great reminder of all the happy times quilt and baby shared, and it will also bring to mind the thoughtful person who provided the gift.

The grandma or aunt, or grandpa or uncle, who has images of homemade baby quilts in their minds, will find that reality can meet their dreams.  The homemade quilts they select will deliver a special treat for the little ones and a great pleasure for their present and future families. And one size fits all.

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