Handmade Baby Quilts Make Cuddly Gifts

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

Handmade baby quilts for boys and girls will beautify the nursery and keep the little ones toasty warm, but their greatest virtue is their cuddliness. What better gift could you give a new-born or a toddler than a super-soft, home-made baby quilt that will always be a source of soothing comfort?

Who Likes to Cuddle?

 We all seek the comforting sensation of being close to something safe, soft, warm and familiar. Just about everyone on the planet loves the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from holding what is soft and familiar. In later life, it might be a loved one, a pet, or a favorite pillow, but in early life, that tactile pleasure comes in abundance from a handmade baby quilt.

Why Are They So Cuddly?

 Handmade baby quilts for boys and girls provide that pleasure because of how they’re made and because of what they are. What they are is inanimate. Unlike Mom, or Dad or Fido, homemade baby quilts won’t wriggle away when there’s something to distract them. A quilt being cuddled by a baby will continue just as long as that baby wants to cuddle.  And it will never be too busy or too rushed to cuddle when the baby needs to feel warm and secure. The baby-soft flannel used to make that unique baby quilt has been washed and dried before the first stitch was applied, so it’s ultra-soft before the first time the baby grasps it in her little fingers, and it will get even softer after the many trips through the washer and dryer it will eventually have.

handmade baby quilt, blue and yellow print

Quilts’ Cuddliness is Mobile

That giant panda that the baby likes to hug is fine in the nursery, but its girth makes it hard to take with. Not so, the light-weight, easy-to-take-along baby quilt, which delivers cuddle power in the carriage, in the car, and in strange new places where its soft, warm presence keeps the baby feeling calm, safe, serene.

That Cuddliness Has Staying Power

You never outgrow your need to cuddle,  nor will your little guy want to give up his main squeeze when he’s out of his crib.  His favorite cuddle-object also serves as a comfy play mat when he’s on the floor making buildings with his blocks. He’ll be glad to have his crib companion as a snuggly lap blanket when Grandpa’s reading a story, or when he and Dad are scrunched in the sofa, watching the big football game on TV. He’ll be able to bring his baby quilt along through his childhood; because handmade baby quilts are made to last with the careful stitching and sturdy binding an experienced quilter applies.

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There are clothes that are cute and toys that seem like fun, but both will only have a fleeting presence in your favorite baby’s life. When you choose to give a handmade baby quilt, your gift will not only look great for years and years by virtue of its clever design, but it will bring that baby years and years of happiness because its softness always made her feel so good.

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