Handmade Baby Quilts Warm Winter’s Chill

Baby won’t know its cold outside if she’s wrapped in a handmade baby quilt. 

The winter freeze might be causing shivers elsewhere, but the lucky baby surrounded by the cuddly quilt you gave her will keep her warm and secure. Let’s face it, baby quilts warm winter’s chill from cold winds or air conditioning.

Four Reasons Why Handmade Baby Quilts Make Super Gifts

Warm Baby Quilts are Ideal Gifts

When you think of how the gifts you choose will affect the little one in your life, an unusual handmade baby quilt trumps all the competition. Sure, a pretty little outfit brings smiles to all who see her for the short time that it fits. The stuffed animal that looked so cute in the store turns out to be just one of the many adorables in her stuffy menagerie.  But a homemade baby quilt is made to deliver warmth and comfort that is always welcome, always fitting, and it won’t go away.

Handmade baby quilts warm winter’s chill

Quilt Components Are Warming

 Handmade baby quilts provide a buffer from the cold with two layers of soft baby flannel sandwiching a layer of batting. That’s a triple threat against chilly rooms and drafty places. Maybe the baby will go to the arena to see his older brother play hockey. He’ll be one comfy spectator wrapped in his cuddly baby quilt. If that stroller ride through the park suddenly gets chilly when the clouds rolled through, the little passenger will be oblivious to the climate change if he’s wrapped in his quilt.

Baby Quilt Warmth Has No Expiration Date

Unique handmade baby quilts for boys and girls will travel through the washing machine and dryer many, many times, but their good looks and ability to give warmth will not fade. And that’s good, because the baby will seek the warmth of his quilt even as he outgrows his crib. It will be a soft, warm play mat when he tries out his new trucks on the floor, and it will be a warm and comfy base place for her to play with her dolls. It’s a snuggly wrap to watch TV, and it’s a warm lap cover when Mom or Dad is reading a story.

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Quilt Warmth Is Good in all Climates

Babies who live in warm climates need quilt warmth as much as their cousins in the cold.  That’s because air-conditioning is a variable in different houses. If Granny has to have her condo in the frigid zone, her quilt-wrapped grandbabies can enjoy their visit without feeling cold.

Baby Quilts Warm Bodies and Hearts, Too

There’s a special kind of warmth that your baby quilt gift will also deliver, and that’s the heartwarming knowledge that you chose a very special gift. It’s special because it will keep that little loved one warm and protected. It’s special, because the design you chose matches the nursery motif or the family’s pastimes. And it’s special because it can be kept as a treasured keepsake to give to her own children.

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There’s a long, cold winter ahead, but you can make it warm and comfy for the loved one in your life, be it baby or bigger child, with handmade baby quilts.

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