Handmade Baby Quilts for Now and Forever

There aren’t many gifts you can give a brand-new baby that give a lifetime of pleasure.

Handmade baby quilts for boys and girls will be treasured from the hospital departure of that dear little one until that dear little one’s little ones make the same exit.

Baby Quilts Are Anchors of Security in a Sea of Changes

At first that newborn can use her new quilt as a snuggly cocoon, when the hospital nursery is left behind and strange new environments are rapidly experienced – the car, the house, the carriage, the crib. The scenery might be changing rapidly, but that soft, warm quilt can be a constant source of reassurance.

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

Quilts Are Babies’ Best Bedfellows

Baby can have no better companion in his crib and youth bed than the beautiful quilt you gave him at his birth. It will always be there to give him warmth when those cold winter winds blow, or when the air-conditioning for the older folks with polar inclinations is just too much for the little guy. He can fall asleep under the quilt’s soothing warmth, and he can snuggle with it to boost his relaxation and sense of well-being.  He can take it to Grandma’s house and feel right at home in any bed she has for him, and don’t think he’ll want to give up his comfy quilt when he graduates to a youth bed.

As Babies Grow, So Does Quilt Use

When your little boy starts leading a life beyond his crib, he’ll be taking his beloved quilt with him. He can lounge on it while he plays with his blocks. He can nap on it while the family watches TV.  He can wrap himself in coziness when the family’s off on a road trip.   And when your little girl thrills to stories from books, she’ll be extra-pleased to have her quilt as a shawl or a lap blanket.

Ryder At Play

Homemade Baby Quilts Are Built to Last

Experienced quilters aim to build quilts that will withstand the rigors of baby behavior and remain intact for the baby’s babies to enjoy. This is no hands-off heirloom that they’re making, but a keepsake that will be washed and dried, crumpled and crunched. To make it last, the fabrics have to be high quality, super-soft baby flannel and other materials of equal wash ability and durability. They have to be matched for shrink potential and fade resistance. They have to be sewn together with skill and bound for maximum cohesion. That way, your baby quilt gift not only will be beautiful to look at, but made to last.

Baby Quilts Stay While Other Goods Go

 You know how frustrating it is to see so many things you thought would last quickly fall apart, crack, crumble, shrink or just cease to work. It’s no wonder, since they’re mass-produced and often designed to get you to buy them again. That’s not the case when you buy unique handmade baby quilts for boys and girls. There’s a lifetime of pleasure sewn in every stitch.

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