Baby Quilts with Football Theme for Littlest Fans

The Super Bowl is coming, and the newest fans will enjoy their first one wrapped in a quilt with a football motif. 

Buying a home-made baby quilt with a football design is the perfect way to include the newest member of the family in something the rest of the family enjoys so much, and there’s still time to do it.

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

The Pre-Game Warm-Up

The lucky little cribsters who receive handmade baby quilts with a football motif will enjoy the soothing warmth long before the game begins and long after the final touch-down. Constructed with soft baby flannel and fluffy batting, the handmade baby quilts for boys and girls you buy will supply comforting warmth when it’s football weather and colder.

football baby quilt

The Huddle Effect

Because they look so great and feel so warm, baby quilts with football themes for the littlest fans make other members of the family yearn to get close and cuddle up,too. So when the home team is lining up for the critical field goal, it won’t be surprising if it’s Dad who’s cradling the baby in his arms or Uncle Joe who has volunteered to hold the baby – and the quilt.

Handmade Baby Quilts Perform Like Champs

 Caring for a new rookie puts a lot of stress on moms and dads, so what they scout for are baby products that are long-lasting and easy to use. Quilters keep that in mind when they use the finest coordinating materials to assemble their baby quilts.  They pre-wash the fabrics so shrinkage won’t be an issue. Then they stitch their quilts carefully and sturdily, and they bind them with the best technique, so even the rough play of the washer and dryer and baby behavior won’t penalize the looks or integrity.

There’s Still Time to Get a Super Gift

 If you’re lucky enough to be invited to the same great Super Bowl party every year, buying baby quilts with football theme for littlest fans or for the newest member of the hosting family is a super idea. There’s no timing involved, because that homemade quilt will be a first string player from the first days of a baby’s life to well beyond his  toddler years.

Initially, it’s a source of warmth and comfort and snuggliness. Later, it’s that familiar sleep companion that makes strange environments like motel rooms and grandparents bedrooms seem more friendly when the baby goes on tour. It serves as a handy play mat at home or away, and it’s a comforting wrap at story time. If you buy it now, it can be there to please that baby and enrich the Super Bowl experience.

Baby Quilts Are Hall of Fame Shoo-ins

When moms and dads look back on all the gifts their baby received, the handmade baby quilt with the football theme is a sure-fire Hall of Famer. It comforted their baby in the crib, and cuddled with her when she watched those football games with her family. That quilt, that legendary quilt, is a precious keepsake now, safely packed away, so that her babies can be wrapped in her quilt when they cheer on their team together.

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