Resolve to Get Closer With Homemade Baby Quilts

Buying homemade baby quilts can help with your resolve to get closer to your loved ones. A gift quilt makes that New Year’s resolution  just as easy to keep as to make. How so?

Lavender Butterfly Baby Quilt

Pick a Quilt that’s a Match

You can select beautiful handmade quilts for boys and girls that dovetail with your family’s character. A design with numbers or letters will surprise and delight the learning lovers in the family, while a pattern with perky pandas or whimsical whales will please the animal lovers. You can make your choice based on the decor of the family’s home.  A patchwork quilt, for instance, for the son of that younger sister who loves a country look, or a geometric design for the daughter of your niece who’s into contemporary. Such thoughtfulness doesn’t go unnoticed.

unique handmade baby quilts for boys for sale,Chfristmas Penguins

Your Gift Is a One-and-Only

The baby quilts you buy will be unique. Quilters have vivid imaginations, so they can take the same theme and interpret it in many unusual patterns. The baby-soft flannels that create a flowers-and-butterfly design for one quilt will look completely different when they are rearranged for another. If there’s time, the name of the baby can be incorporated as part of the design, making your gift truly tailor-made.

patterned baby quilt

You’ve Chosen a Keeper

Your baby quilt gift will last when many other presents fall by the wayside. Other gifts are usually so temporary in the life of the baby and her family. The clothes are outgrown and the baby gear is no longer needed. A hand 

handmade baby quilts
Monkey See, Monkey Do

made baby quilt knows no such time limits. First, it’s a source of warmth and comfort for the newborn. Then it’s portable security, providing a sense of constancy and well-being as the baby travels to strange new places. And as that baby starts expanding his world beyond the crib, his handmade baby quilt is a handy play mat, keeping him safe from the surface below him and keeping that surface safe from his play activity. Later, it’s a cozy lap blanket at story time.

Impress with a Quality Gift

Tools Used in Making Handmade and Homemade Baby Crib Quilts

The homemade baby quilt you buy will last so long because it’s made so well. Experienced quilters take great care in matching all the elements of the quilt, so that they’ll work together to perform perfectly. The soft flannel fabrics are pre-washed, so no shrinkage will spoil the looks or size of the finished product. And speaking of finishing, the quilter will use the finest thread and the best binding method to make sure your quilt will survive laundering and baby use intact.

Close the Gap

ryder reading

Maybe you haven’t been as close to your family as you should have been, what with school and work and distance factors. But now you’re reexamining priorities and you’re ready to reach out. When buying homemade baby quilts, or larger quilts for older children, you’re not making some empty gesture.  You’re showing that you took the time to find a gift that was truly special for the newest members of the family, and that you chose something that would stay treasured in the family for a very long time. Just like you.

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