Handmade Baby Quilt Gifts: The Ship Never Sails

Handmade baby quilt, blue print, boat print

There’s more than one right time to buy a homemade baby quilt for the baby in your life, so if you think you’ve missed the boat, think again!

Okay, so the shower would have been the perfect time to give handmade baby quilt gifts. With its original design and quality construction, it would have far outshone the conventional gifts the others brought. But at that time, you were not aware of the beautiful baby quilts you could order on-line, and instead you selected teeny little outfits that you now realize the new little one will soon outgrow. The shower might be over, but the chance to give a baby quilt gift continues.

Baby’s Birth

handmade baby quilt gifts

What better way to mark the celebration of the baby’s arrival than with a uniquely designed quilt that will keep him warm and soothed as he adjusts to his new environment?  The baby shower might have furnished a lot of practical gear and impractical clothes, but the occasion of the new baby’s debut is an ideal time to present a spectacular quilt patterned in a fashion that matches the nursery or complements the family’s lifestyle. Want garden flowers for that oh-so-dainty granddaughter? You can get them. Want trucks and trains for that adorable little tough guy? You can get those, too.

handmade baby quilt gifts

First Birthday

That precious baby spends plenty of time in her crib, dreaming through the night and napping in the afternoon. A perfect way to mark her first 12 months is a specially-made baby quilt that she can cuddle with and learn to count on as a source of softness and a constant comfort in a world full of new developments. By now her personality is emerging, so it might be little froggies that she’d like, or butterflies or mix-and-match patches.

Second Birthday

Baby’s starting to enjoy new places, as the family travels to the homes of friends and relatives and takes vacations in exciting places. To keep the little one calm as the scenery changes and the schedule goes awry, the much-loved baby quilt is something friendly and familiar to cling to. This is still a great time to gift a handmade baby quilt.

handmade baby quilts
Monkey See, Monkey Do

Third Birthday

That adorable girl is now playing with her toys and her friends on the floor with her new baby quilt softening her stay there.  It keeps her protected from the surface and keeps the surface safe from playtime action.  And that smart little boy loves to cuddle with his circus-themed baby quilt while Grandpa reads him tales of adventure. The washable, dryer-safe baby quilt is a perfect companion for the toddler.

Do You Really Need a Reason?

handmade baby quilt gifts

You might have missed some opportunities for gifting a quilt, but now you know that homemade baby quilts for boys and girls are timeless gifts, cherished by the child at any early age and appreciated by the family as an ageless keepsake that can be tucked away for newer members of the family or saved so that this child can hand it down to his own children.

It’s always the right time to present sturdy, handmade baby quilt gifts to your dear ones, who’ll have all the time in the world to appreciate your thoughtfulness. That ship has not and will not sail.

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