Grandmas Confess: I Had to Buy a Handmade Baby Quilt

When you hand make baby quilts for boys and girls, you’re happy knowing the babies will get something wonderful and pleased to learn why buyers bought them

. The number one comment in the feedback is that grandmas are smitten with the baby quilt concept and get an urge to buy that will not be denied. Here are some of their summarized comments:

I wanted to buy my first grandson something he could cuddle with when he first came home from the hospital and also enjoy later, when his parents brought him to my house to play on the floor and nap in the guest room. The adorable handmade quilt I found with lions and tigers and paw prints matches the animal theme of the nursery and brings a smile to the face of everyone who sees it.

Elephants in Pink and Gray Baby Quilt

When I realized I could buy a handmade baby quilt design that was suited to my family’s lifestyle, I was sold. My son and his wife love to garden, so what could be better for my new little granddaughter than a cheery quilt with cute little bumble bees and butterflies? My younger son is a fishing nut, so you can be sure that when he starts his family, I’ll be back for a quilt with fish in the design.

deep blue sea quilt

We live in farm country, and my daughter has always favored traditional, rustic home décor. I took one look at the patchwork baby quilt I could get on-line, and I knew I had the perfect gift for our precious new grand-baby and the whole family.

My daughter-in-law loves to use coupons and save money wherever she can. But even she was impressed with the baby quilts I bought for our new twin boys. When I explained that she could wash the quilts in her machine and dry them in the dryer, she was very pleased. And she could see that they were so well-made that they were going to last, not only while those rugged little boys drag them around and snuggle with them, but later when new members of the family arrive, or when she packs them away for the twins’ own children. She might not spend the money on those beautiful handmade quilts, but I’m so glad I can.

I looked around plenty for something super special to bring to the shower for my daughter, who’ll soon have a new baby girl. Of all the impersonal baby gear and mass-produced clothing I saw, the only thing that went straight to my heart was a homemade baby quilt. Now here is something that is made by one individual right here in the states, with quality construction and a feminine pastel design that fits right in with my daughter’s sweet personality and what we’re sure her daughter’s personality will also be.

Handmade Baby Quilt, 123 Green Light Go, green baby quilt

Couldn’t believe I could buy my brand-new grandson a baby quilt with numbers and letters in the design. Not only is the soft flannel it’s made of going to be warm and super snuggly, but the numbers and letters in the design are going to allow us to start tickling his brain in a relaxed and fun way!

Grandmas confess.  I just had to buy a handmade baby quilt!  And I am SEW happy I did.

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