Handmade Baby Quilts and Cats Have Nine Lives

If you’re thinking about buying a homemade baby quilt for the new little one in your life, you’re looking for eye-appeal, usefulness, and staying power.

Compared to the clothes that will be discarded, and the gear that will be outgrown, handmade baby quilts for boys and girls will last and last in numerous transmutations. Cats are not the only things with 9 lives. Consider the following attributes:

The Star of the Baby Shower

When that baby quilt’s cheerful circus animals come out of the box and into view at the shower, the audience will roar its approval. Step aside, cliché outfits and boring equipment. A handmade quilt with a unique design will upstage all the other presents at the scene.

Accent The Nursery

Since you were clever enough to learn that the new little boy’s room would have a sailing motif, you latched on to a hand-made baby quilt with a sailboats and sea life theme.  While the weather is too warm for the new arrival to cuddle with his quilt, it can be draped over the rocking chair or hung on the wall as another coordinating component of the room’s design scheme.

how to make a quilt, blue quilt

Cuddling Companion

Once the baby is ready, her quilt will be a source of soothing comfort in her dream time and daily nap breaks. Made of soft baby flannel that’s been pre-washed for extra softness, the handmade baby quilt is a constant source of security she’ll rely on when babyhood activities need to balance with rest.

When little ones leave their known environment for the strange territory of grandma’s guest room or a motel bed, the easily portable, much-loved baby quilt is that something familiar that helps babies banish the anxieties of unknown surroundings.

A Reading Enhancement

Children adore being read to by the loved ones in their lives. The experience can be amplified and enriched, when child and reader are wrapped with the soft,warm baby quilt.

A Learning Tool

Imaginative quilters create designs not only to delight the eye, but also to provide an opportunity for the baby to start learning. Perhaps those sailing ships will inspire the first tales of history, or those bright-colored numbers will ignite a passion for math. It’s never too soon to stimulate those tiny little gray cells, and a handmade baby quilt can be the spark.

numbers baby quilt

A Play Mat

As the little one grown and plays with toys on the floor, the baby quilt will serve as a comfortable foundation. It’s cleanliness will make Mom happy. It’s softness will comfort the child and protect the carpet from the wear and tear of playtime activities.

handmade baby quilts
Monkey See, Monkey Do

A Keepsake

After years of serving many roles for the lucky child who has one, the baby quilt can be packed away, so that someday she can seeing her first-born grow to love it not only for what it does, but because it belonged to Mom.

A Remembrance of You

It’s unlikely that the aunt who bought the sun suit or the niece who gave the bunting will have their gifts remembered through the years. But the grandma who gave the handmade baby quilt that was used and treasured for so many years, her thoughtfulness will long be fondly remembered.

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