Prints Put Pizzazz into Handmade Baby Quilts

Why do handmade baby quilts for boys and girls stand head and shoulders above the crowd of nondescripts?

Handmade Baby quilt, lady bug pattern quilt, pink quilt
Baby Pink Lady Bugs

When they open gifts of  handmade baby quilts at the shower, they’ll see something other gifts lack: Personality. That quilt will say, “Look at me, folks, I’m something special! “

The Prints Pack the Punch

Look at baby quilts on a store shelf, if you can find any, and all you’ll see are the safe, generic designs made to please the most people. But take a look at the variety when the quilts are homemade, and you’ll see dozens of exciting choices that ingenious quilters use to zero in on the character of the family this new little baby will join.

If his mom and dad love to go sailing, a fleet of jaunty little sailboats on a field of white-polka-dotted blue would be the quilt choice to cause real excitement. And that’s because its virtues are dual. Not only is its baby flannel softness a joy for the new baby to cuddle with, but the sailboat pattern sends a message that this quilt is tailor-made for this baby and this family.

Now just suppose his daddy is a long-haul truck driver who likes to drive his own family in his babied muscle car. Could there be anything cuter and more appropriate than a quilt splashed with cars and trucks and trains?

When a new baby girl is joining parents who are teachers, her special quilt is emblazoned with numbers and letters that get her education started from the get-go. This unique design has eye-appeal and teaching skills packaged in a warm and soothing cloth art quilt.

Handmade Baby Quilt, 123 Green Light Go, green baby quilt
1,2,3 Green Light Go

Special Prints Come from Special Research

Quilters seek unusual prints from many sources. They log in plenty of computer time searching for novel print fabrics. They frequent lots of fabric shops, and some hunt through baby stores to find clothing that can be integrated into unusual designs.

The Homemade Factor enriches the quilt’s personality

Since each quilt is the creation of a home-based quilter, her imagination knows no limit to the design’s composition. Perhaps little monkeys will cavort across the center of the field while palm trees and bananas form a whimsical border. That’s a great motif for animal lovers and families who make their homes in warm climates.  Or perhaps the quilt-maker has hidden a match-up game in the bright-colored patches that comprise the field. And how did she decide to join paw prints with pelt prints and jungle creatures in such an innovative way?

handmade quilt fabric

As soon as that quilt is revealed to the shower guests, everyone will appreciate the sturdiness of construction, and most will realize that the quality that’s built into a handmade quilt far surpasses most run-of-the-mill, mass-produced products.

When you’re looking for a baby gift with the wow factor, by-pass the conventional and shop and purchase a handmade, keepsake baby quilt with unique prints that deliver personality as well as comfort.

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