Five-Star Grandmas Buy Handmade Baby Quilts

Five-star grandmas buy handmade baby quilts because they’ve come up through the ranks of smart gifting. Here are five things they learned along the way.

Give a Gift with Wow Power

football baby quilt

Years of getting gifts and giving gifts have taught savvy grandmas that when the pretty wrapping paper comes off, the object that is revealed should be something wonderful.  Sure, they could buy the new little baby some boring piece of baby paraphernalia that will soon be outgrown and discarded, but what’s the thrill in that?

When the box is opened and a hand-sewn baby quilt made exclusively by The Baby Quilt Lady for this little child appears, the oohs and aahs are guaranteed.

Who else thought to choose a design that harmonizes with the family’s personality and interests? Who else bought a present that is one-of-a-kind?  Only the granny with the modest smile and sparkling eyes.

Choose a Gift that’s Personal

aurora i spy

 Wise grandmas have learned how important it is for each child to feel special.  That’s why they ask The Baby Quilt Lady to create a unique design that will be for this child and no other.

There might be dancing slippers for one little girl or football helmets for one little boy, but the design will be composed just once, so that no other child will have a duplicate.

dancer baby quilt

Not only will the design be original, but The Baby Quilt Lady will further individualize the quilt by embroidering the baby’s name into the design.

Pick a Gift That Will Last

Grandmas have been around long enough to know how temporary many things are.  They break, they fall apart, they fade, and they tear. That’s why the handmade quilts from The Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are so sought after.

The Baby Quilt Lady uses top quality threads and fabrics to make specialized gift quilts for boys and girls. Then she assembles them with the care and skill honed in a lifetime of quilt-making. The fabrics are prewashed to prevent shrinkage, and the assembly is so meticulous that the quilts will last for years and years, through countless washings and dryings.

Select a Gift that’s Versatile

A dress is a dress is a dress, but a handmade baby quilt is so many things. First, it’s that crib companion that keeps the baby warm and cuddled. Then it’s a security blanket that makes strange new places seem warm and familiar. It’s a carriage blanket and a car blanket. It’s a lap blanket at story time and a play mat for on-the-floor shenanigans.

Get a Gift with Learning Potential

All grandmas know a child’s bright future depends on using his full potential.  Developing that potential can start with the baby’s hand quilted baby quilt, where the birds and fish and rocket ships can stimulate imaginations and be the starting point for exciting talks about the universe.

All grandmas hope to have a place in their grandchildren’s lives, whether they’re close or far away.  The Baby Quilt Lady’s handmade baby quilts help to keep grandmas close no matter where they are.

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