“Once Upon A Time…”

“Once Upon A Time…”      I have told those tales and read those wonderful and colorful stories, as a Mom, to my own children hundreds of times when they were youngsters.  Today, I finished a handmade quilt by the same name.

I captured those special memories of reading to my children, in years past, in this special handmade quilt I called,  “Once Upon A Time…”      A handmade quilt is the perfect way to snuggle close with your child and a good book, as you instill in them the love of reading.

As a quilter, I created a handmade quilt to help with the snuggling.  This “Once Upon A Time…” handmade quilt was designed just for Moms, who will cradle their child, hold them close, and keep them warm.  A handmade quilt is a true gift of a life time.

As a teacher who has spent 38 years in the classroom, I remind you to read to your child.  Even if you are a Mom, who is waiting for your baby to be born, sit down pick up a “Once Upon A Time…” story and read to your unborn baby.  The baby can hear your voice even before he or she is able to be cuddle in your arms in a handmade quilt and listening to you read to them.

 As a Mother, who has raised 4 children and read to them daily.  Children grow all too fast, stop washing dishes, cleaning the house, and blogging on the computer.  Pick up a handmade quilt, snuggle close, and read to your child.  Someday, they will not want to snuggle and they will be living Happily Ever After  – all grown up.

Give a child a handmade quilt, snuggle together, and read.

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