The Quilt That Warms You Twice

 Finding the time to work on my blue and yellow handmade quilt in my busy schedule has always been my challenge.

In the last few years, my concentration has been on making handmade baby quilts, but the UFO of my blue and yellow queen sized bed handmade quilt kept calling to me from the closet – finish me – complete me – get me out of this closet already!!

So here I sit, on these last few cold winter nights, a huge handmade quilt spread out across my lap and a needle in hand.  Stitch after stitch, I am enjoying the handmade quilt project that is developing into a beautiful and lasting work of art, that I am proud of myself for digging out of the closet to complete.  I started this project over two years ago after I found the shades of yellow and blue fabric at the local quilt guild show and promptly when home, decided on my pattern, and cut out what I thought was my soon to be new handmade quilt.  My son’s bedroom was painted in the same shades of blue and yellow and this handmade quilt was going to be just the accent for the bed.  Well 2 years later, the room is pink and the handmade quilt is not complete.

Yet despite the fact that the handmade quilt project now has an end in sight, I also can keep the thermostat now down and save a few dollars.  This handmade quilt project has proven to warm up not only my heart and soul, but my lap and legs, as well.  I can be assured that when this handmade quilt is completed and finds its way to my bed, keeping cozy warm on a chilly winter night, will never be a problem.

When I was a young girl, I remember my Grandfather telling me that when I helped him chop and stack firewood, it warms you twice.

My Grandfather never made a handmade quilt!

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