Birthday For This Grandmother

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

WOW!   Another birthday for this Grandmother has snuck up so quickly.

If you are old enough to be a Grandmother, birthdays tend to show up all too quickly.  But as I was reminded, the alternatives to birthdays are worse!

On birthdays, around my house the phone rings constantly with good wishes from family and friends, who love to remind you that you are definitely older than you were yesterday , and moving on to the big birthday next year of the “60.”  But when my son and new father called, his message was simply to give a Grandmother “love” from my new Grandson.    This new Grandmother melted on the spot, since the little one just came into the world on December 28th and brought joy and happiness, not to mention an early birthday present to me.

After my Grandson’s birth, I spent almost 2 weeks, helping with the baby and spending time just being his Grandmother.  But not living close by and seeing him is tough and that 10 hour travel time is not an easy task.  I may be getting older and have had another birthday, but I am still a working Grandmother.  There is a positive side of this story called technology.   With Facebook, e-mail, digital phones, Blogs, this Grandmother gets daily and wondrous pictorial updates of my special little one.

All in all, with the wonderful flowers that my husband brought home and dinner that he cooked for me, the special calls, and many notes from family and friends, this Grandmother can say that my birthday was definitely worth getting a year older.

I remember each Grandmother from my own childhood.  If I can grow old in age and wisdom, in beauty and love as I saw each Grandmother do, then my grandchildren will respect and love me no matter my age.

 Besides a Grandmother is supposed to be old- right?

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