T-Shirt Memory Quilt

memory quilts made from t shirts

T-shirt Quilt Squares

 I am designing a t-shirt quilt for my daughter for her high school graduation.Memories are not always tucked in between the pages of a book.  Today they are pressed in between the 20 squares finished on a t-shirt memory quilt.

Amazingly enough the thoughts and good memories that fit into each 16 x 16 inch blocks as I design her memory quilts made from t shirts.  These were the t-shirts worn by my daughter as she participated in soccer at age 6, played volleyball in middle school, played on the traveling teams for soccer or on her HS teams.   Each t-shirt not only represent her moments of time, but as I worked on the blocks, took me back to some very special Mom and daughter days together. 

As the t-shirts were out grown, I kept them tucked away, and now as a see my daughter ready to commence on her next stage of her life, the t-shirt quilt will be a gift of lifetime to travel with her.

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