Designing Handmade Quilts for Children

When designing handmade quilts for children, there is material all over my sewing room.

Once I settle on my pattern, then I can put away a few of the piles and choose the right fabric.  But first I must contend with the blues to my right, greens to the left, and the soft baby pinks that are within reach straight ahead.  

Stripes and patterns or solids and pastels find their way across my design board as each has their moment in time vying for that special place in the heart of the child, who cuddles under one of my handmade children’s quilts.

To me choosing fabrics handmade quilt is like a puzzle to be solved. The clues are right in front of me and they just need to be put in the right sequence to be the creative solution. 

Taking time to do this process, insures that the child’s quilt will be my best work and will end up a unique design that will be welcome in life of a child.  To me the baby quilt is not just a gift for today, but one to treasure for a lifetime, so I need to think carefully and choose wisely. 

By looks of the sewing room, I better quit writing and start to finish the new quilt design, so that I can find my sewing room again!

Time to quilt!

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