Good Friends: Like Handmade Baby Quilts

“Good friends are like handmade baby quilts, they never lose their warmth.”  Despite the long day at the job that pays the bills, taking time out for my craft group each week is a must.  This group of wonderful ladies has been meeting each week with our crafts. There are a variety of talents being showcased.   Making baby boys quilts to rug making, from crocheting to knitting and even cross stitching to mending is the goal of this special group.  But whatever each chooses to bring with them that evening to keep their hands occupied, the room is always filled with the spirit of friendship and the joy of being out of the house without the kids and husbands for the night!

A Group Name

Our group holds in high esteem a name that we came by quite by accident a few years ago, while on a trip to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  While taking a long weekend to spend time with the girls and check out the quilt show on the east coast, we happened to take a walk on the beach and stop for a drink (ice tea) at the hotel bar.  I might be remiss in my story, if I did not tell you that it was spring time.   If you know anything about Florida during “Spring Break,” you would realize that our little quilting group was a bit OLD for the crowd at the bar.

Upon returning to our room and relaying our tale of woe to my husband, he crowned our group with its new and not quite so complimentary name – The Tea Bags.    Now I know we may carry our quilting bags full of supplies and those craft supplies need to have a secure parcel to hold their contents, and none of us really drink other than an occasional ice tea, but the name stuck.  One of our members even sewed name tags that looked like a tea bag, so we would all look very official, and remind us that life is not always wasted on the young.

As we continue to make baby quilts and affordable gifts – To all the Tea Bags – everywhere…

Time to quilt.

Rest in Peace:  Please keep Tina in your prayers as she took her crafts and went to Heaven today.

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