Handmade Baby Quilt Tale – Home From Iraq

Daddy and daughter handmade baby quilts

Daddy is Home From Iraq

Handmade Baby Quilts – A Tale – Home From Iraq

Thanksgiving is upon us, and Veteran’s Day a step behind, we all take a minute to reflect on what we have to be thankful for and how many individual sacrifices it has taken down through the decades, to secure the opportunities we all share, to sit together with our families and enjoy a dinner together in freedom.

Thank you to all those servicemen and women, veterans or active today and their families, for your dedication and service to our country.  Read this blog, about one of your own young men and his family…

When this quilter spends time with my needle and thread, and I create my handmade baby quilts, my thoughts drift to the little ones that will someday cuddle between the folds of many patches. As I pass my handmade baby quilts on to their new owners, I communicate with each on a personal level sending them more than just a form letter, but a personal message about me and the information about the many unique handmade baby quilts that each would be receiving.  Yet one Grandmother took time to say, “Thank you,” and share her story.

In one of my former blogs, I had written about this Grandmother, who had purchased one of my handmade baby quilts for her newborn granddaughter and her daughter-in-law.  Her son, the baby’s father, was on active duty in Iraq and was only able to see his daughter being born over the Internet, but until recently had not been able to hold her in his arms.  On Veteran’s Day, Daddy came home and Grandma took time to share with this quilter, pictures of the reunion and a special one of Daddy and his little girl on that handmade baby quilt that I had crafted for her.

With permission from the family, I have posted the photos for you to see.

Happy Thanksgiving

Give thanks each day for our servicemen and women.

Give thanks for families, that they enjoy the holidays together or if they can’t be together, that they take the time to call and hear the voices of their loved ones to say, “I love you.”

I give thanks for my craft creating handmade baby quilts.

“When I give to you, what I make with my hands, I share with my heart,”

It is time to quilt on my handmade baby quilts.

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