Baby’s First Year

baby activity center

Whether you are looking for a baby gift, a baby shower gift, or a baby gift for the newborn on your list for the holidays that are fast approaching, there is more to the gift than color and brand name. As your search the Internet or look from store to store, there is a vast …

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baby with ball

Musical Soft Play Baby Ball made with Lights N Music Motion is activated when rolled. This fun ball by Yookidoo encourages curiosity and sensory stimulation with motion activated music and lights.  Musical Soft Play Baby Ball includes three light up faces and is great for eye-hand coordination and dexterity.  The ball lights up during play.  …

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personalized zoo quilt

Baby’s first year goes by in a wink of an eye.  Try one of these 6 unique ways to document baby’s first year. One minute you are holding a tiny infant in the hospital and soon that tiny little bundle of joy is rolling over, sitting up, starting to crawl.  You hold them for hours …

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get organized in the nursery

It’s time to get organized in the nursery. It is your baby’s first year of life and you have so many different adjustments to make. Your house that used to be well organized and structured is far from that now. Here are 4 helpful ideas that will put that nursery back into order. Make the …

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WOW! Another birthday for this Grandmother has snuck up so quickly.
If you are old enough to be a Grandmother, birthdays tend to show up all too quickly. But as I was reminded, the alternatives to birthdays are worse!

Memories are not always tucked in between the pages of a book. Today they are pressed in between the 20 squares finished on the t-shirt quilt. I am designing a t-shirt quilt for my daughter for her high school graduation. Amazingly enough the thoughts and good memories that fit into each 16 x 16 inch blocks were the t-shirts worn by my daughter as she participated in soccer at age 6, played volleyball in middle school, played on the traveling teams for soccer or on her HS teams.

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