6 Unique Ways to Document Baby’s First Year

Baby’s first year goes by in a wink of an eye.  Try one of these 6 unique ways to document baby’s first year.

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One minute you are holding a tiny infant in the hospital and soon that tiny little bundle of joy is rolling over, sitting up, starting to crawl.  You hold them for hours on end just staring at the little face and wonder.  Hoping to keep these moments etched in your mind forever.

Photos are great for documenting everything from the pregnancy to each moment of life in the baby’s first year.  Yet keeping these photos organized or finding some semblance of showing the progression or steps of the baby’s growth over time is more difficult.  Just taking random photo shots is fine but finding a unique and creative way to document baby’s first year becomes more of a challenge.  Here are 6 ways to you might try:

Write your baby’s milestones on a chalkboard every month, along with their age, then photograph. For example, your baby will start to smile in response to your smiles within three months. Capture the date and age on the chalk board with your little one smiling back at you. How precious.

Use wooden blocks to capture the baby’s age. These are popular baby toys so use them in your photo.

Find a sleeper outfit that was given to the baby at birth. Take photos of the baby wearing it each week to see how it “shrinks.” We know our children grow right before our very eyes, but this idea proves how quickly they really do grow out of their clothes.

Babies are given many soft and wonderful toys at birth. Find one of these large baby toys and prop it up next to your baby for a unique photo op.

Photo quilts are keepsakes for a lifetime. Take the photos of each month or special events that you plan to document. These can be transferred on to quilt blocks and become a treasured baby quilt. As the baby grows, the blocks are story reminders to tell your child of their own life, as you cuddle together under the folds of the handmade baby quilt.

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Animal I Spy, Personalized Baby Quilt
Personalized Animal I Spy

Personalize a handmade baby quilt.  These unique gifts will not only be a soft baby blanket for today but a cherished keepsake to pass down.

Our children are only small for so long Finding unique ways to document your baby’s first year of growth is important.

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