Snuggling with a Grandson

Grandmother and Grandson in handmade baby quilt

  To this Grandmother my most precious moments are those    when my newborn grandson is in my arms.

  On these cold winter days, this Grandmother snuggles him close. I    wrapped him in the handmade baby quilt that I had made many       months ago.

  For years now, I have designed, sewn, and hand quilted unique baby quilts for  mothers and grandmothers. They can wrap their new little baby in the quilt, snuggle, and keep them warm.  My handmade baby quilts have been used by many a mother and grandmother to spread out on the floor. It is a safe and soft place for baby to rest or play upon.

Mothers and grandmothers have used my handmade baby quilts as a christening gift. They passed their stories on for others to share their joys and keepsake memories. Recently I became one of the esteemed members of the group called Grandma.  I truly understand how each feels to hold their grandchild close, as they have wrapped them in my handmade baby quilts to tell their stories.  Today, I am now honored to be a Grandmother.

Now, when I return to my sewing machine, my needle and thread, and designing my next handmade baby quilt, I will return as a Grandmother.   Each quilt will have a new meaning, one not just made of 100% baby cotton flannel and thread. It has the love of a Grandmother who has held her grandson in her arms. She understood the important task each handmade baby quilt must do.   Now I will add love, caring, and joy to each stitch. The new little owner will grow up knowing that this Grandmother cared enough to do her very best work for him or her.

My grandson may be only days old, but he has already taught his Grandmother something very valuable that will stay with me the rest of my life.

 When my grandson is smiling at this Grandmother, all wrapped up in his handmade baby quilt, it just can’t be gas!

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