A New Grandmother

Handmade baby quilts thrill mothers-to-be on Mother’s Day

 And baby makes three…  Mommy, Daddy, and the new baby just arrived but wait… we need to count me, the new Grandmother.

This quilter has been designing handmade baby quilts, and has been collecting the wonderful stories of those ecstatic Grandmothers, who have purchased my handmade baby quilts have told or wrote to me about their new grandchild, now I have my own grandson to love, cherish, and design a handmade quilt for.

 In the hospital yesterday, the heart of this Grandmother jumped a extra beat, when my daughter –in-law told the baby’s photographer that she wanted to use the handmade baby quilt that the baby’s Grandmother, that’s me, made to lay the baby on for his first photo.  WOW!  Could this Grandmother be any more proud at that moment to be able to mark a milestone in her grandson’s life forever?  Whoever sees that first photo will be able to recognize that the baby’s Grandmother made that special handmade baby quilt for him.

Handmade baby quilts last a lifetime.  One of the gifts that I gave the father of the baby, my son, was his own handmade baby quilt made many years ago, not by his Grandmother, but by me, his Mother.  I had quilted it after he was born, and though well loved and worn, saved it for him, for just this occasion. The circle of life passed down through the art of quilting.

 From this new Grandmother to all Grandmothers everywhere, enjoy and love your grandchildren, because they are true gifts to be kept wrapped up in a handmade baby quilt.

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