Take Quiltology 101 Before Buying a Handmade Baby Quilt

If you take Quiltology 101 before buying a handmade baby quilt, you’ll be sure your baby shower gift is perfect in every way. It’s as easy for you to learn the three lessons in the course as it is for the little back-to-schoolers learn their ABCs.

Elephants in Pink and Grey - Handmade Baby Quilt for Girls

Lesson 1: Buy from the Quilter

If you decide to get a mass-produced, off-the-shelf baby quilt, you have no idea about the quality of the quilt and no input whatsoever on what the quilt will look like. Will it stand up to repeated laundering and the baby’s rough play? That’s an unknown factor.  Not so when you buy from an experienced, home-grown quilter who stands behind her product.

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Lady Bugs, pink and brown quilt

When you buy your baby quilt from a quilter like The Baby Quilt Lady, you become a partner in the design, picking colors that harmonize with the nursery and patterns that match the family’s hobbies and interests.

Think how special your baby quilt gift will be to the expectant parents when they see you’ve brought them a quilt with football helmets in the design, just the thing for the new little boy to wrap up in when he starts watching the big games with Mom and Dad.

Or imagine how thrilled the family who loves to dance will be when they see the quilt you gifted their little girl has dancing shoes as its theme.

So forget those generic, impersonal quilts on the shelf and collaborate with The Baby Quilt Lady for a one-of-kind baby quilt tailor-made for the new arrival.

Lesson 2:  Learn About Quality Construction

 If you think all baby quilts are pretty much the same, you need some education. First, there are excellent quality fabrics, and some, not so much. The Baby Quilt Lady uses only the softest baby flannel and the most durable fabrics to create her unique baby quilts for boys and girls. And that’s not all. The top-notch threads she uses contributes to the quilt’s sturdiness. Her quilt fabrics are washed before construction, so shrinkage is not an issue. And that’s not all. Her meticulous stitching techniques and strongest binding method insures that the quilt you give will last through all the laundering and rough use it’s going to get.

Lesson 3: Make your Baby Quilt a Personal Keepsake

Personalized Animal I Spy Baby Quilt

Because you’ve become a wise shopper, the quilt you choose from The Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will never be a casual throw-away like a store-bought quilt might be. You’ve asked The Baby Quilt Lady to embroider the baby’s name on the quilt, and you selected a design theme that means a lot to the family. It’s made to last, so after this little child is through cuddling and snuggling with it, it will be wrapped up and saved as a cherished heirloom for this child’s children.

You’ve taken the course and now you know quiltology.

Contact The Baby Quilt Lady today and get your quilt under way.

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