Piping Quilt Binding – SEW Decorative?

A few extra minutes and a slice of decorative color of fabric between the quilt and your baby quilt binding does wonders for the overall appearance and the accents the edge or frame.

This piping can be made from either the straight or cross-grain bias. Cut your fabric into 2 ½ inch parallel strips from the selvedge and miter the seams when joining.  Press the seam open.

To determine the amount of baby quilt binding you will need for the piping, measure the length and add 2 inches to overlap.

Measure the width of your baby quilt and do the same process as above.

When deciding on the finished piping size for the baby quilt binding use this simple formula:  desired finished piping width x 2 + ½

Piper Baby Quilt BindingPress the piping strip lengthwise, but be careful to avoid stretching the material.

Pin the folded piping strip to each side of the baby quilt so that the raw edges line up with the straight edges.  At this point the excess piping will extend and overlap.

Piper Baby Quilt Binding

Align the raw edge of your baby quilt binding with the piping and sew a ¼ inch seam allowance.

Be sure to trim the quilt batting, fabric backing, and any excess piping of the quilt binding to keep the bulk down.

Piper Baby Quilt Binding

You can now turn and carefully hand sew the baby quilt binding to the back of the baby quilt by hand.

Piper Baby Quilt Binding

SEW decorative.  A piping baby quilt binding that frames lovely design.

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