Perky Penguins Make Unique Handmade Baby Quilts

  When you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, you want something completely different from everything else in the stack.  Think penguins to get you there. Here’s why:

penguins on parade quilt

 Penguins Are Media Stars. 

 Movies such as Happy Feet, The Penguins of Madagascar and Mr. Popper’s Penguins have put this lovable bird right smack in the middle of modern popular culture.  You don’t have to see one at a zoo to know exactly who that black-and-white creature is.

Penguins are exceptionally cute.

Maybe it’s the waddle in their walk that makes them so endearing. Could be it’s their tuxedo-like appearance that’s irresistible. Or perhaps their portly figures, their waistlessness and their chinlessness, that’s so appealing.  Whatever the secret of their charm, penguins always put smiles on the faces of everyone who sees them. And they’ve been seen in cartoons, books and in stuffed animal interpretations for many years.

Handmade baby quilt, blue print, penguin print

Penguins are good parents

Some varieties woo their mates with rituals similar to those in human courtship, and stay together as couples while their eggs are developing. Dad even helps out keeping the eggs warm.

They’re Versatile and Strong

They are tough critters, many types braving extreme cold and severe hardships to survive and perpetuate their families. And they are equally at home on land or sea.

unique handmade baby quilts for boys for sale,Chfristmas Penguins

They’re Pittsburgh Penguin Fan Starters

It’s never too soon to start molding ardent fans for the hockey team. Moms and dads can cuddle their babies in their quilts while they watch their heroes on TV.  Children with penguins on their baby quilts can say they were fans right from the cradle.

The penguin quilt design will delight boys and girls.

Chilly Penguins in Blue a handmade baby quilt

Naturally there’s a lot of blue and white surrounding the penguins on the quilts that come from the Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. Those colors represent the blue water and the white snow that are most penguins’ main habitats. But those jolly penguins are going to appeal to little girls and little boys alike because penguins make unique handmade baby quilts.  And later, since the quilt will be a cherished keepsake, a dad can pass his quilt down to his new daughter, or a mom could share her quilt with her new son.

Penguins have great teaching possibilities.

So aside from being unfailingly adorable, penguins lead lives that are full of fascination for bright new minds. At first, the lucky boys and girls who have a penguin-theme baby quilt will just enjoy the super-softness of the baby flannels from which The Quilt Lady crafted it.  But later, when Mom and Dad snuggle with their precious child, all the interesting facts about penguins can be discussed. Who knows? This early introduction to these intriguing birds might spark a career as an ornithologist, a zoologist or a marine biologist.

They’re Easy to Accessorize

The penguin is such a popular character, that loving family members can add to the quilt’s impact with a stuffed animal or clothes with a penguin design. Penguins make unique handmade baby quilts for the new baby in the family.

Chilly Penguins in Blue
Chilly Penguins in Blue

They’ll Own the Day

Think about how unusual a penguin quilt handmade with love and precision by The Quilt Lady will stand out among the ordinary things at the baby shower. Decide to make your gift of a unique handmade baby quilt the best of the day.

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