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Hand quilting on the lap gives a quilter a more comfortable spot in which to sit instead of being bent over the quilting frame.  The social activity for women for centuries has been to be bent over a quilting frame and move the needle up and down through the layers of fabric with needle in […]

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Cleaning and washing your baby quilts is important since they will get plenty of use from your newborn.  Babies tend to make a mess with their eating habits and dirty diapers.  Many times that new baby quilt just happens to get dirty and washing it is needed.  Here are 9 suggestions for cleaning and washing

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print fabric

The best fabrics for handmade baby quilts are the ones that make those baby quilts irresistible, soft, and just perfect for the newborn. The question in your mind as you push the shopping cart up and down the crowded aisles of your favorite quilt shop is how to decide on the right coordinating fabric for

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t shirt quilt. memory quilt

The answer is a handmade baby memory quilt.   The question is what do you do with the pile of t-shirts stacked in the drawers or hanging in the closet that have sentimental value from your baby? The little one has out grown them but you really can’t seem to part with even one. Keeping them

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Why purchase a handmade baby quilt from a website when you can find baby quilts from department stores or by the hundreds on other online websites? Since I was a young child watching my Grandmother ply her needle, there was one very important lesson learned and that was to take pride in your craftsmanship.  I

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baby clothes quilt

Steps in making a baby clothes quilt are easy to follow. When finished, you will have made a keepsake baby quilt from outfits that you have been saving because they each have special sentimental value.   A lovely dress that a friend or family member has made for your little girl or the first outfit your

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penguins on parade quilt

Here are a 3 tips for making a handmade baby quilt that have stood the test of time and now become valuable for making any quilt. Are you making a handmade baby quilt for your new baby or maybe you would like to quilt one for a gift for your grandchild or special niece or nephew

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Handmade Baby Quilt, Nursery Rhymes, Embroidered Baby Quilt

The basics of learning how to quilt hundreds of different baby quilt patterns starts with the humble square.  This remarkably versatile and reassuringly easy to cut and sew piece is the building block for most intricately designed patchwork baby quilts. Because the shape and size of the pieces in the quilt patterns must be uniform, accuracy of the piecing

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Handmade Baby quilt, lady bug pattern quilt, pink quilt

Starting to choose fabric for the quilt is a important decision, whether you are quilting one or choosing to purchase a quilt online. Do you love baby quilts with animal prints?  Maybe the design on the fabric you use for the quilt are the favorite little lady bugs or the ever popular butterfly. Begin your

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abby on quilt

Every new mom has a story to tell about handmade baby quilts and new babies.  The road to holding her new baby in her arms are sometimes a bit bumpy.  Some roads are more rocky and longer than others. Handmade baby quilts tell many stories. As a mother of 4, I truly understand the long hard

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