9 Suggestions for Cleaning and Washing Your Baby Quilts

Cleaning and washing your baby quilts is important since they will get plenty of use from your newborn. 

Unique Baby Quilt

Babies tend to make a mess with their eating habits and dirty diapers.  Many times that new baby quilt just happens to get dirty and washing it is needed.  Here are 9 suggestions for cleaning and washing your baby quilts.

  • You can either hand wash or machine wash baby quilts in cold water on gentle cycle since they are made from either 100% baby cotton flannel or 100% cotton.
  • Just as you would wash all other clothes for your newborn baby, use gentle baby detergents so not to harm the fibers.
  • If pre-treating unwanted stains become necessary for any of your handmade baby quilts, rub gently on the spots, then hand wash or machine in cold water on the gentle cycle.
  • Handmade baby quilts are keepsakes, so keep washing to a minimum. With the new fabrics on today’s market, they do hold up better than years past, but colors will eventually fade after repeated washings.
  • To remove excess water after rinsing, use the palm of your hand and press down on the quilt. Do not wring dry.
  • If machine drying, use low heat until most of the moisture is removed and then air dry.
  • Use a non-porous surface when laying your quilt flat to dry.
  • Do not dry clean handmade baby quilts. This process will damage the fabrics.
  • Finally, keep brightly colored quilts away from sunlight. If you are not using the baby quilts, store them in a closet, under the crib, or in a dresser. Baby quilts that are used as wall decorations and hung on the wall will fade over time.

All babies need a soft place to be able to lie on, a place to be able to roll over for the first time, and all those times afterwards. 

Be sure that you follow these 9 suggestions for cleaning and washing your baby quilts.

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