Learning How to Quilt Baby Quilt Patterns – The Square

The basics of learning how to quilt hundreds of different baby quilt patterns starts with the humble square.  This remarkably versatile and reassuringly easy to cut and sew piece is the building block for most intricately designed patchwork baby quilts.

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Animal I Spy

Because the shape and size of the pieces in the quilt patterns must be uniform, accuracy of the piecing is important and skillful use of color will add to the success of the project.  Squares are stitched together in horizontal rows and the rows are joined together to complete the pattern desired.

When using the rotary cutter and rulers in measurement and cutting, absolute precision is important and critical to the success of the baby quilt pattern using squares.  Before beginning any project, make sure that all fabric is prewashed and dried to prevent shrinkage.  ¼ inch allowances will be used for all seams. 

Use pins, inserted perpendicular to the seam lines, to hold the fabrics securely together before sewing.  Remove the pin as you sew, so that the machine does not stitch over top of the pin.  Press the seams between each square towards the darker fabric.  When join rows, be sure to match the intersection of each square perfectly.  Using a pin on either side of the seam line will keep the square from moving as you sew.  Press all seams from the rows in one direction.

To make baby quilt patterns of all squares, use these dimensions:

6 ½  X 6 ½ inch  (finished 6 inch square)  42 squares needed   6 across/ 7 down

4 ½ X 4 ½ inch   (finished 4 inch square)  110 squares needed 10 across/ 11 down

Hand or machine quilting is completed across the rows diagonally.  Use a bias double fold binding.

Learn how to quilt using the simple square.  This can be one of your first and easiest baby quilt patterns.

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