A T-Shirt Quilt for Graduation

Graduation is upon us and a t-shirt quilt may just the perfect gift for the graduate.

t shirt quilt. memory quilt

Find out if the graduate has a dresser drawer or closet full of old t-shirts.  It is time to clean out the drawers as the graduate thinks about going off to college or the world of work.  Maybe it is just time to clean but the graduate doesn’t really want to part with those shirts after all these years.  Like pictures, t-shirts hold memories of a time when…   Instead of tossing all of these great memories, saved for so long, turn them into a t-shirt quilt. T-shirts transformed into a quilt can be treasured for a lifetime of memories.

Whether t-shirts were collected from all of the band activities, and sewn into a t-shirt quilt like the one shown below.  (Congratulations John)

t shirt quilt. memory quilt

Or t-shirts that are held precious to a mother, whose son passed away a few years ago.  Now wrapped in the quilt, she holds a bit of her son close by and the memories each shirt holds. (In Memory of Troy)

sewing a t-shirt quilt

Yet shirts collected throughout childhood by a diligent mom or dad can serve as a wonderful graduation gift when each square holds the steps of the life of their child, one shirt at a time, one precious year at a time.  (For my daughter, Kyleigh)

“Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. “ Khalil Gibran

T-shirts hold memories.  Preserve them as a treasure of a life-time in a t-shirt quilt.

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