Starting a New Year of School

The start of a new school year is like the beginning steps to the designing of any of my baby quilts.

Today began my 39th year as an elementary classroom teacher.    It was wonderful to watch the excitement of those young ladies and gentleman as they nervously entered my classroom this morning, and anxiously awaited what the school day bring and how the new school year would unfold.

My task is to shape these creative and bright young minds, with the hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow by giving them the skills in reading, mathematics, science, and language arts.   My daily efforts support their learning in the academic skills of the state standards in these areas, as I guide each to reach their potential.

Beginning each of my new baby quilts is much like the first day of school.  I am anxious about choosing at perfect patchwork patterns or colors and fabrics that will be just right for the making of my baby quilts.  On that first day, I start to pull out pattern books, graph designs, and drag out fabrics of various colors and textures from my stash.

One of many baby quilts

My task is to create unique handmade baby quilts that will become treasured keepsakes for some little boys or girls.  Ones that they will love, hug, cherish and call their own. Quilts that will become special baby shower gifts for a mother-to-be.  These baby quilts will not be found anywhere in the stores or on the Internet.

Daily, I put love into my stitches, as I hand quilt each of the baby quilts, so that each will last a lifetime.

Day 1 of school is over – 179 more to go!

Interestingly, I have never counted the number of baby quilts I made….

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