Precious, Soft, Baby Quilts are SEW Irresistible

Aren’t those precious baby quilts irresistible?

You take a quick trip to that favorite fabric store, pushing the shopping cart up and down the crowded aisles, and trying to choose just the right coordinating fabrics for your next quilt.  The question in your mind right now or the problem you have to solve is how to choose the fabrics and what kind of quilt do you really want to make?

Amazingly, your fabric cart stops in front of the adorable and colorful baby fabrics.  The pastel cotton prints and flannels seem to jump right off the shelf and into your cart.  Ideas for quilts seem to flood your mind.  The cotton knits made of 100 percent cotton in stripes, polka dots, and SEW many colors will become irresistible handmade quilts or receiving blankets that are SEW soft, smooth, and stretchy.

Next, you spot the wide assortment of synthetic knits.  Once you feel them, you will put those ultra-soft fabrics into your cart for the next baby quilts.  You envision a variety of patterns that would be perfect with each of the yardages you have just selected.  SEW much fabric is always available and SEW little time!

Another popular fabric that is used in baby quilts is flannel.  Instead of hiding the seams, a popular pattern is the rag edged type quilt.  In this pattern the seams are exposed and with each washing the seams fray making a decorative edging that is soft and cuddly for baby quilts.

Yes, baby quilts made with a combination of 100 percent cottons, cotton knits, and a few synthetic knits will be SEW much fun to make.

Most quilts are large bed quilts that take months to complete.  Baby quilts, because of their smaller size, can be quilted in a shorter span of time.   Depending on the patchwork pattern you choose, most average baby quilts range in size from 36” X 45” to 52” x 52.”  Keeping the measurement of the quilt top’s width to less than 45” means the backing will fit on one piece of 45” fabric. This quick and easy method will not require a pieced backing for your any of the baby quilts.

Recently, you received an invitation to a special baby shower.   This calls for a unique, one-of-a-kind gift.  You can design one of many soft, irresistible baby quilts patchwork patterns, instead of shopping for a baby gifts in the mall stores or online.  Take out those pattern books, pull out the newly purchased fabric, and even dig into your stash for other fabric samples.  You can quilt your own baby shower gift in no time.

The perfect baby gifts come from the heart.  The time you invest to create and design a special gift and your talent to create those special baby quilts is time well spent.

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