Steps in Making a Baby Clothes Quilt

Steps in making a baby clothes quilt are easy to follow.

When finished, you will have made a keepsake baby quilt from outfits that you have been saving because they each have special sentimental value.   A lovely dress that a friend or family member has made for your little girl or the first outfit your son came home in from the hospital, these parting outfits have always been difficult to give away but limited storage does not permit keeping them.  Making a baby clothes quilt is the answer to having these outfits as a keepsake forever.

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The first step to making your quilt is to select which clothes you want in the quilt.  You may have more than you need, so be critical of which pieces didn’t have an immediate emotional reaction or ones that you can’t tie into a specific reason or event.  For example, the baby’s first holiday outfit or the dress that Grandma bought for the baby on his or her birthday.  Put the others aside for possible use, if needed later.  At this point, depending on your habit of saving, you may still have a significant pile to choose from for your baby clothes quilt.

 Depending on your quilting experience and also the volume of the clothes, step two is to choose a pattern.  This pattern will somewhat be determined by the size of the clothes you have in that pile from step one.  If the clothes sizes range in the smaller sizes (0 – 6 mos.), smaller block sizes or even blocks with small triangles would have to be considered.  If your baby clothes sizes are in the larger ranges (6- 18 mos.) or larger, the block size can be increased for your baby clothes quilt.

Patchwork patterns are perfect for the baby quilt is step 3.  The use of small squares or a variation would be an easy pattern idea.  A suggested pattern would be a Disappearing Nine Patch.  This pattern has many variations.  With slicing the original Nine Patch apart and regrouping, plus the different variation of color from your baby clothes, this pattern offers different options but a simple pattern that will make the novice quilter willing to attempt the pattern and the experience quilter excited about an old favorite.

Pay attention to details is step number 4.  Baby clothes are designed with collars, pockets, lace and more.  Keep these embellishments as part of the baby clothes quilt.  Be sure that all raw edges are sewn into a seam.  Be careful that no parts can be pulled off, especially if the quilt will be used by a infant or small child.  For example, baby clothes have buttons, sequins, and snaps.  If these are left on the quilt blocks as part of the embellishments, they could be pulled off and swallowed by a child.  These beautiful items may make the quilt look more impressive, but it is best not to include these.  Use caution for other small parts and avoid them on your baby clothes quilt.

When the baby clothes quilt is complete, you will have a keepsake of a life-time.

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