5 Reasons Why Your “Buggy” Baby Quilt Will be a Hit

There are plenty of reasons why a handmade baby quilt designed with garden critters will wow the baby shower guests, the parents-to-be and the baby.

It’s Unique

There’ll be absolutely nothing at the baby shower that looks like this one-of-a-kind baby quilt with garden creatures in the design. Adorable beetles and grasshoppers are among the garden residents that cavort across the surface, complemented by super-soft flannel squares of pastel blue and green and white.  Everyone will smile at the cleverness of the pattern and the originality of the motif.  And if you’ve had your quilt personalized with the baby’s name integrated into the design, you’ve brought the gift that is truly unusual.

handmade baby quilts for boys

It’s an Educator

As soon as the baby starts to notice things, Mom and Dad can begin telling stories about the handmade baby quilt designed with garden critters. Not only can this process be entertaining and instructional, but it can cultivate the baby’s curiosity about other living things in the world of nature. Sorry, but there’s not much to be learned from a pair of overalls or a pinafore.

Bugs Life Baby Quilt

The Colors Are Boy/Girl Appropriate

Suppose you’re going to a baby shower where the parents have opted for surprise. This unique handmade quilt is ideal for either a boy or a girl. The unisex colors are perfect for either gender, so you’re covered however it turns out.  The colors also make it easy to pass on the quilt to a future sister or brother, or to this baby’s children when the quilt is lovingly unwrapped and given to the newborn of the next generation.

You’ll Stand Out from the Crowd

Those cliche shower gifts won’t make much of an impression on the baby and the family as the years go by, but that cherished handmade baby quilt with the cute little bugs will always be remembered as the shower gift from you. Baby will cuddle with the quilt in the crib and snuggle with it on the couch with the family. It will be security in unfamiliar places when the family travels and a source of warmth and soothing comfort wherever the baby goes. And this handmade baby quilt designed with garden critters will be a comfy play mat when it’s time for toys.

It’s as Rugged as It Is Cute 

You’ll be happy to know The Baby Quilt Lady not only designed the unusual bug pattern baby quilt with artfulness, but also with sturdiness that ensures years of use. Only the finest fabrics, threads and finishing materials have been used to create the quilt, so it can be machine-washed and dried over and over. The parents will so appreciate your practical, long-lasting gift .

When you choose a baby quilt from Unique Handmade Baby Quilt Boutique with cute little garden crawlers in the pattern, you’ll bring loads of comfort and joy to the newest little baby crawler and all the family.

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