Handmade Baby Quilts with Sheep Will Delight Your Little Lambs

When you choose  handmade baby quilts with sheep in the design, you’ll be getting a whole flock of good things for you, the baby and the family. Here are five:

Counting Sheep Baby Quilt
Counting Sheep

You’ll Avoid the Herd Mentality

Counting Sheep Baby Quilt

Naturally you want your gift to that precious new baby to be something completely different from the usual presents brought to the baby shower. The Baby Quilt Lady makes sure you can do this by designing no two quilts alike. When the gift box is opened and that adorable sheep-pattern quilt is revealed, you’ll have to hide your own glee as you witness the pleasure of the mom-to-be and the admiration of the other guests.

Sheep Have Sleep-inducing Qualities

sheep baby quilt

Counting sheep is a time-honored method of encouraging sleep, so think how easily that newborn will slip off to dreamland if she’s surrounded by a bevy of sweet little sheep.  It won’t be necessary to conjure up images of sheep jumping over a fence when the little one is older. She can simply count the sheep in her own quilt’s design to help drowsiness come faster.

The Sheep-theme Quilt Is Gentle As a Lamb

Counting Sheep Close Up
Counting Sheep Close Up

No need to fear a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Quilts from the Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are always made from super-soft baby flannel. They are pre-washed to be ultra-soft when they are presented, and they’ll continue to get even softer and cuddlier as they go through the washer and dryer. But the softness of the fabric does not mean these baby quilts are soft on durability.  The Baby Quilt Lady uses top quality threads and the best techniques to ensure that the quilts will last long enough to become treasured keepsakes for future generations.

You Can Have It in Two Shakes of a Lamb’s Tail

Counting Sheep Baby Quilt

 If you choose a sheep-theme baby quilt that’s in stock, The Quilt Lady will see that you get it lickity split.  Should you choose to personalize the quilt with the baby’s name or initials, your order will be filled in the shortest possible time.

Don’t Let Mass Marketers Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes

Sure you’ll see baby quilts mass-produced in foreign countries that might look pretty good on paper, but be advised, they are not the same as baby quilts for boys and girls lovingly sewn by The Baby Quilt Lady. You have the rare opportunity to personalize your gift, and you’ll be ordering from the experienced quilter who will create exactly what you wish.

counting sheep quilt

Think outside the pen, handmade baby quilts with sheep, when you select your gift for the new arrival.  Your smart choice will provide years of sheer pleasure for the baby and the whole family.

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