Choosing a quilt binding for your baby quilt should be done once the quilt is assembled. It is difficult to make a decision on what type of fabric should be used for the binding and how it will look on the quilt.

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“She who dies with the most fabric… wins!” This should have been my husband saying this quote, but was too busy putting together yet another large cabinet for my fabric this weekend. I had fabric overflowing the bins in my sewing room.  I guess he was either just getting tired of seeing them on the

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Wonderful! You have the fabric and patterns laid out for various baby quilts that you could make but the one that sticks out and you really would like to tackle is appliqué. Whether you have quilted before or not, the project of an appliqué quilt can be a challenge. Here are successful techniques that will help you feel comfortable and not feel frustrated to the point that you are ready to give up on your first try.

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You take a quick trip to that favorite fabric store, pushing the shopping cart up and down the crowded aisles, and trying to choose just the right coordinating fabrics for your next quilt. The question in your mind right now or the problem you have to solve is how to choose the fabrics and what kind of quilt do you really want to make?

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Would you like to transform ordinary fabric into a handmade quilt and get starting in quilting today? Have you been searching for a how to quilt resource specifically for beginner quilters that makes learning the steps and techniques of quilting easy? I have found a great resource just for you, “The Beginners Guide to Quilting.”.

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SEW Complicated – The Challenges in Making a Baby Quilt Binding
As a quilter there are many challenges you face when designing, sewing and ultimately quilting your finished baby quilt. Here are the 5 most important steps that you need to complete before the baby quilt can be proudly given as a gift or used to snuggle around your little one. But it the baby quilt binding, that most quilters struggle with. Here are a few tips that might help:

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Many people who see my baby quilts, especially those who sew, ask me the about making my quilt bindings.

Since my entire baby quilts are made with 100 percent baby flannel, which gives them the cuddly soft touch. With proper machine wash and dry, the baby quilt will only become softer with time. The binding needs to hold up overtime with the baby’s love and in the wash.

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The wonderful children’s book, I Spy, captures the attention of the young and the young at heart for hours on end. To put that concept into a baby quilt that will not only give opportunities for many cuddles. I have just finished hand quilting my latest, an “ I Spy” baby quilt. What an excellent learning opportunity and a soft baby quilt for the floor.

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“Blessed are the Quilters for they are the piece makers” that can be used in the handmade baby quilts. Quilters sure can make a lot of small pieces from their handmade baby quilts very quickly.  It seems like we enjoy going to our favorite quilt shops, buying the most gorgeous yards of fabrics for their

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