“She Who Dies With the Most Fabric… Wins!”

“She who dies with the most fabric… wins!”

This should have been my husband saying this quote, but was too busy putting together yet another large cabinet for my fabric this weekend.

fabric cabinet

I had fabric overflowing the bins in my sewing room.  I guess he was either just getting tired of seeing them on the floor or me complaining that I can never find the color or fabric.  I knew it was in one of those plastic bins somewhere!

Quilters, like myself, love to add to their stash, go shop hopping, and can’t pass up that new design or color.  When you get home, finding a spot for your new purchases can be more of a challenge than selecting the fabric to begin with at the store.  The shelves, drawers, boxes, or bins are already tough to close and now you want to add a few more yards to an already stuffed location.

cabinet for baby quilt fabric

For now, the bins are empty but are stored because I guarantee, they will be used in the future. The new cabinet is home to my baby quilt fabrics, so that I can locate the blue for boys’ quilts, and the lovely pinks for the girls’ baby quilts.  There was plenty of space for those extra lavenders, yellows, greens or oranges that I use in many of my handmade baby quilt designs.

My husband’s only question…  What do I do with all of this fabric if you die first?

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