“Itching to Be Stitching.”

“Itching to be stitching.”

As a mother of 4, a wife, a full time classroom teacher, finding the time to sew can be tough on some days.

Stitching time is limited with the demands of the household jobs calling my name and reminding me that those dishes sitting in the sink need my attention and the quilt on my machine will just have to wait.

Stitching the binding on my latest baby quilt will just not get finished until quality time with family comes first.

Stitching on even on a few blocks can be tricky when homework demands pull me to my “teacher bag” that came home from school with papers to grade and lessons to plan.

Stitching on the appliqué will just have stay pinned and wait until the student that I tutor understands the math concepts and finishes their assignments under my watchful eye.

Are you “Itching to be stitching?”   Remember that someday there will be a day when the kids are grown, the dishes are always clean, and you are sitting sewing and wishing you had those busy days back.

Enjoy each day.  There will be plenty of time to be stitching – tomorrow.

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