A Baby Quilt for the Nursery

 Mommy and baby have that special bond and there is no better way to mark the joy than with a unique handmade baby quilt.

Even in the nine month period before the baby is born, Mommy is out looking for special outfits, just the right furniture, and all the accessories that the little one will need to come home to.  A baby quilt makes the room complete.  Since a baby spend more than half of their little life sleeping, cuddling in a warm, snuggly handmade quilt will be just perfect.

As the baby grows, a baby quilt is not just for the nursery, but can be used for playtime on the floor, used in the playpen, or become that loveable “blankie” that gets dragged around the house during playtime.   Just think of how beautiful the nursery will look with handmade crib quilt to accent the décor.

handmade and homemade baby quilt

“Teddy Bear March” Baby Quilt

A  crib quilt can be designed in all types of colors, designs, and fabrics to compliment any nursery.   Not only does a baby quilt spruce up the nursery and keep the bay cuddly warm but they are completely machine wash and dry.   Baby cotton flannels, fleece, and natural cottons are excellent choices for a baby quilt and will last through many a machine washing and play session.

The size of the baby quilt may vary from a newborn’s cradle, to a bassinet size, and on to a small bed.  Each can sport a quilt with trains, soccer balls, or just the shades of blue and matching colors to make any quilt perfect for the special little boy.  Change the color pattern to pink, add a few princess, a doll, or even some flowers, and any little lady will have a new quilt all her own.  Animals, the alphabet, color patterns also become great quilt ideas for either girls or boys.  Vary the pinks and blues to greens and yellow, or even a touch of lavender and the baby quilt takes on a whole new look for the nursery or the newborn’s bedroom.

Handmade Baby Quilt on sale for Black Friday
Lavender Pinwheels – Handmade Baby Quilt

On the side of caution, be sure that the quilt does not have decorations such as buttons, tassels, or bows that could easily detach and could be swallowed by the baby.  These look so adorable on the quilt but are dangerous and should not be used.    Even the stitching on a handmade quilt should be small in size, so that the baby can’t get their fingers or toes caught in them.   Loose threads could easily lead problems.

When looking for a gift for that new Mommy-to-Be, a baby quilt can be a great addition to any nursery.

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