Beginners Guide to Quilting

how to quilt book

Would you like to transform ordinary fabric into a handmade quilt and get starting in quilting today?

Have you been searching for a how to quilt resource specifically for beginner quilters that makes learning the steps and techniques of quilting easy?

I have found a great resource just for you, “The Beginners Guide to Quilting.”.

Penny Halgren, an author of 9 books for beginner quilters explains everything using words that you can understand, not some special quilting jargon where you need to look up every single term.

These quilting tips and techniques that experienced and professional quilters use – methods that save time and will help you to make your own quilt or to brush up on some techniques of basic quilting.

Here are some of the best parts of “The Beginners Guide to Quilting.”.

• Choose the perfect quilting fabric
• Cut your quilting fabric without making wasteful mistakes

• Sew perfect seams so that every corner is square and every triangle tip is pointy

• Attach borders that make your quilt square up
• Make binding that adds the perfect finishing touch to your quilt

This book helps the novice quilter, who has no idea of where to begin the quilting project.  The book comes with easy to understand, step-by-step instructions specifically written for a beginning quilter.

You will find easy quilting patterns that describe some of the simple color and design choices complete with pictures, so you can read and see how to make that quilting project. This book is different; it reveals secrets and techniques that you need to make a beautiful quilted heirloom projects.

Instead of taking years picking up tidbits and scraps from a random quilters  here and another seamstress there, or suffering from the frustration of hundreds of UFOs (Un-Finished Objects), and thousands of dollars invested in fabric, books, patterns, and quilting tools, give this book a try, “The Beginners Guide to Quilting.”.

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