Fabric – In a Quilters’ World, Your Stash is SEW Important.

In a quilters’ world, your stash is SEW important. Do you know this helpful information that is related fabric is sew importantto fabric?

If you come to the world of quilting as a sewer, many of the following terms will sounds familiar.   Sewing is not the basic class for quilting, so the following definitions will make it easier to understand the world of the quilter and the language that they speak.

Fabric Bias – The thread line that is at a forty-five degree angle, to the lengthwise and crosswise grain of the fabric, as it is on the bolt.

Fabric Grain – This term refers to the way threads are arranged.  The way you cut your fabric in relation to the grain, can make all the difference in the accuracy and ease of assembly to your blocks.

Lengthwise Grain – The thread that runs parallel to the selvage.

Nap – A fuzzy surface when pieces of fabric are not cut in the same direction.

Off Grain – Fabric woven with lengthwise and crosswise threads crossing each other at right angles.

On Grain – Woven material containing lengthwise and crosswise threads crossing at right angles of the fabric.

Selvages – These are the bound, finished edges that run along the outer edge of the fabric.

Straight Grain – The lengthwise threads of the material are regarded as the straight-of-grain.

Warp Threads – These are the long threads that continually run the length of your material, as it comes off the bolt, otherwise known as the lengthwise grain.

Weft Threads – These are the threads that was woven back and forth, perpendicular to the warp threads, along the entire length of the bolt, otherwise known as the crosswise grain.


Fabric  is SEW important!

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