“I Spy” Baby Quilt

An “I Spy” baby quilt is SEW special.

Animal I Spy Baby Quilt

The wonderful children’s book, I Spy, captures the attention of the young and the young at heart for hours on end.  I put that concept into a baby quilt that will not only give opportunities for many cuddles.

I have just finished hand quilting my latest, an “ I Spy”  baby quilt.  What an excellent learning opportunity and a soft baby quilt for the floor.

From my stash and an added trip to my favorite fabric store, I compiled 21 different fabrics of animal prints made from 100% cotton baby flannel.  Using a 6 ½ inch square ruler, I fussy-cut 2 squares of each fabric for the baby quilt.  This allows for a 6 x 7 block baby quilt.  As you view the quilt, animals from the zoo, the pond, the air and many more are found in colors that vary from pinks to yellows, and pastel green to blues.

To play “I Spy” on the baby quilt:

  1. Look around and silently select an object on the baby quilt that can be seen by all the players.
  2.  Say, “I spy with my little eye,” and then give some description of the animal, such as “something red,” “something wild” or “something small.”
  3. Take turns trying to guess what the object is.

An added opportunity to have fun with the baby is to play the “Matching Game.”  Finding the matching blocks is possible because I have placed two identical fabrics into the baby quilt.

If you want to play the “Matching Game” on the baby quilt find two of the quilt squares that have the same fabric print.

Baby quilts are wonderful for cuddles and an “I Spy” and “Matching Game” with the baby quilt add an excellent learning opportunity to play with your baby on the floor.

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