Quilt Binding – SEW Difficult?

A new baby quilt and bindingMany people who see my baby quilts, especially those who sew, ask me the about making my baby quilt binding.

My entire baby quilts are made with 100 percent baby flannel, which gives them the cuddly soft touch.  With proper machine wash and dry, the baby quilt will only become softer with time.  The baby quilt binding needs to hold up overtime with the baby’s love and in the wash.

baby quilt binding

The best way is to cut crosswise against the grain. These are the threads that run across the fabrics and between the selvages or perpendicular to the ribs or lengthwise threads of the fabric.  This provides the baby quilt binding with more durability. I like that the same threads in this baby quilt binding aren’t always on the outside and it sure helps when I have curved edges to sew around.

Here are a few secrets that I use with the crosswise baby quilt binding.

  1. Make a cut 2 ½ inches wide the material at a 45 degree angle

  2. Miter the seams when joining the strips and press the seams open. This technique helps to keep the bulk down and gives a unique diagonal design on the baby quilt binding.

  3.  I choose fabrics for the baby quilt binding that bring out the colors of my baby quilt, as well.

If I am in a hurry, I go lengthwise, the width of the fabric and make straight grain binding.  Deciding on which method to use is really a matter of preference on the part of the baby quilt.  As the crosswise binding moved easily around corners, the straight grain binding does not.  This type of baby quilt binding is very stable and has almost not “give.”   I like using this type of border on my baby quilts when they are pieced and not bordered since this gives the baby quilt more stability.

A few more secrets for straight grain baby quilt binding:

  1. Cut your fabric every 2 ½ inch parallel from the selvedge

  2. Miter the seams when joining the strips and press the seam open

  3. One yard of fabric will yield about 576 inches of 2 ½ inch wide baby quilt binding

SEW difficult?  You now can choose a baby quilt binding.

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