Santa Names Best Elf for Handmade Baby Quilts

Santa Names Best Elf for Handmade Baby Quilts, and The Baby Quilt Lady is the one.

The North Pole Gazette reports that the Bearded Maestro of Holiday Happiness has assigned the production of Handmade Baby Quilts to The Baby Quilt Lady, a lifelong quilter from the U.S. with a magic hand for sewing and a huge imagination.

christmas with penguin quilt

Santa said he had three major reasons for making his selection.

“You want each new baby to know that there is no other quilt quite like the one he’ll be cuddling,” said the long-time toy workshop operator. “The Baby Quilt Lady is able to come up with brand-new combinations of prints and coordinating fabrics so that no two designs are alike, whether it’s a football theme, sailboats or dancing slippers.”

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Cozily ensconced in his favorite rocker, the affable sleigh man pointed out that The Baby Quilt Lady further individualizes her quilt creations by embroidering the baby’s name into the design. “Just think of what confidence that will build with a new little tyke, when she sees her quilt emblazoned with her very own name.

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

“And another thing,” he added, “if there’s enough time, The Baby Quilt Lady might be able to integrate some fabric from a family member’ s clothing into the quilt, so that far-away grandparents or departed loved ones will be thought of every day in this baby’s life.”

Santa had to chuckle when he mentioned The Baby Quilt Lady’s super-powered baby quilts. “Those little ones need quilts that will stand up to all the rough-and-tumble the little kiddies are going to give them,” he pointed out. “They’ve got to be tough, and that’s the way any quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique is going to be.

The fabrics are pre-washed and ironed, and then put together with the sturdiest materials and threads. And don’t forget know-how,” he continued. “Stitch-length, proper size and binding method are just a couple of factors that separate The Baby Quilt Lady’s quilts from others.”

Handmade Baby Quilt, small child sewing quilt square

Santa said he liked the ease of doing business with The Baby Quilt Lady. “Other than my one big world-wide trip, I’m not much for traveling,” he confided. “Jammed parking lots, crowded stores and inadequate help just turn me off. Not when I can email Unique Baby Quilt Boutique and contact the one person who will customize a design, sew it to perfection and mail it directly to me, the buyer.”

So unique designs, durable construction and ease of purchase are three of the top reasons to buy handmade baby quilts for the holidays from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. But better hurry.

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The jolly guy has already placed a very large order with The Baby Quilt Lady since Santa Names Best Elf for Handmade Baby Quilts.


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