Santa’s Babies Want Handmade Baby Quilts

Santa’s Babies Want Handmade Baby Quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique.  How does he know? They told him so.

You might think those tiny little bundles of preciousness lying so quietly in their cribs are not yet able to express themselves, but they have a special brain-wave pathway to the North Pole, and here are five messages they are sending:

I Need to Be Warm

Mr. Claus, you have no idea how chilly I can get when I get a little restless and those flimsy blankets in my crib start to shift. The blankets from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are always the right size to fit my crib perfectly, so they won’t disappear on me. And another thing, my family is always dragging me everywhere, and sometimes it’s cold.  The quilts that The Baby Quilt Lady makes can go with me and keep me toasty in the car or the carriage or wherever I am.

I Need Something That Lasts

So Santa, I haven’t been on the planet long, but I know enough to want things that are going to last. The Baby Quilt Lady makes her unique baby quilts with pre-washed fabrics, the best quality threads and materials and also tons of experience in assembling quilts that will last through many launderings and the rough use I’ll probably give it.

I’d Like Something Just for Me

sports world baby quilt Here’s the thing, S.C.: They’ve been telling me how unique and special I am, so I’d like to think the gifts I get reflect that. Spare me the mass-produced quilts that every other kid on the block might have. I’d like a one-of-a-kind quilt, like the Baby Quilt Lady makes. Every design is different. She can offer a huge assortment of prints that will harmonize with my family’s interests or coordinate with my nursery.

Confidentially, I’ve got my eye on that outer space theme, with stars and rockets. Not only do her patterns coordinate with my lifestyle, but she can actually embroider my name right on the quilt, so that none of my grabby playmates can try to get their hands on it.

I’d Love a Gift with a Future

I might be just a little squirt right now, Your Claus-hood, but oh, how I’d love a gift with longevity. The unique baby quilts for boys and girls at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will spend a long time with me, first in the crib, later as a play mat when I’m having fun with my toys on the floor, and later as a wrap blanket, whether I’m listening to a story Gramps is reading or cuddling with Dad while we watch TV on the couch.  Because The Baby Quilt Lady makes her quilts so sturdily, there’s a great possibility I’ll be able to save my quilt and pass it on to my own children. Wow!

winter holiday quilt

I’m Willing to Wait

I hear that good things come to those who wait, Dear Santa, so if the perfect baby quilt is not ready for your Christmas Eve ride, I’ll be happy for a picture of a quilt underneath the tree and the promise that the perfect quilt for me is on the way.

I’ve been very good since I got here, Santa, so please write The Unique Baby Quilt Boutique today!

Santa’s Babies Want Handmade Baby Quilts.

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