Perfect Holiday Gifts – Quilts

Whether you need baby gifts to put under the Christmas tree or next to the Menorah, handmade baby quilts for boys and girls are ideal. Here’s why:

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One size fits all

If it’s a newborn you want to please or a cribster who’s a bit more mature, handmade baby quilts will fit right now and for a long time to come.  A well-made quilt fits the crib just right, and its generous dimensions can be folded and tucked to comfort precious little ones of all sizes.


Handmade Baby Quilts are Ultra-personal

You can find a unique baby quilt design that harmonizes with the design scheme of the nursery, or you can choose a pattern that matches the family’s lifestyle with cars, trains and trucks as one possibility, watercraft as another and garden themes as a third option. Want whimsical circus animals? You can get them. Want old-fashioned patchwork with a modern match-me feature? They’re available. If it’s a sweet, feminine floral design that’s needed, you can get one that will melt your heart and delight that cute baby girl.

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 This Gift Has Staying Power

Some baby gifts don’t last much longer than the gift wrap paper, but a handmade baby quilt has been built to last for years, A good quilter has assembled matching components, so that cover fabric, batting and thread all work together for good looks and great sturdiness. Because the fabrics are pre-washed, the baby quilt will survive countless trips through the washer and dryer with its structure intact and its good looks unaffected.

It’s a Loving Indulgence

Sure, the moms and dads see that the little ones are fed and clothed and properly equipped, but you, as the doting aunt or loving grandma can supply a delightful luxury that might not be in the family budget. Soft, warm and beautiful to see, it will be a little bit of practical luxury that the baby and the family will cherish.

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Baby Quilts Are Keepsakes

While the other stuff in the baby’s life falls victim to the ravages of time, the handmade baby quilt soldiers on, as a play mat in toddler times, as a reading comforter when it’s story time and much later as an heirloom, to be loved by the children of this little baby.

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It’s So Easy to Get

No parking lots to maneuver, no malls to trudge, no cashier queues. Select the perfect handmade baby quilt from the comfort of your home. Talk to the quiltmaker personally to have all your questions answered. Have the baby quilt sent to your home or to the home of the lucky baby who’ll have that wonderful quilt.

It’s Easy to Make It Extra Special

You make a memory quilt when the grandparents have passed. If there are shirts from Grandpa or a blouse from Grandma that can be integrated with the other soft flannels in the pattern, an imaginative quilter can create a design that includes them. Or  arrange teddy bears wrapped in handmade baby quilts for newborns for dynamite presentations.

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It’s Never Too Late

While you are focusing on creating the perfect quilt for the new arrival, don’t forget the wonderful big sister or brother who has long gladdened your heart. Seek out large handmade quilts for children for sale. They are just as soft and as personal and will be eagerly received.

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