Still Time to Buy Unique Baby Quilt Gifts

The mall crowds are expanding and your stress is increasing as you search for gifts for the babies in your life.  Will it fit? Will it shrink? Will it break? Will it last?  Relief lies in handmade baby quilts for boys and girls.

Christmas display

So easy to get

Escape the turmoil of the stores and shop on-line in the comfort of your home. Large selections of beautiful handmade  unique baby quilts for boys and girls are for sale.   Buy a homemade baby quilt and the quilter will mail it to you or send it directly to the baby. No post office lines to endure. No wrestling packages in the parking lot. And if you have a special request, you’ll be dealing with the one person who can make it happen.

So unique

Some quilters pride themselves on making each quilt different from the last, even if the theme is the same. So when you choose a quilt with whimsical whales swimming in the ocean, it will be different from the pods of leviathans that frolicked on the last quilt. And after all, that baby is unique, so why shouldn’t his quilt be?

gone fishing quilt

So personal

In the quilter’s inventory are a myriad of designs that are sure to complement the interests of the baby’s family. Maybe little sailboats will reflect their boating hobby, or a tropical design will harmonize with their travel interests. If you know they’ve chosen a Western theme for their new little cowboy, a unique baby quilt made with denim is sure to please. And if there’s time, the quilter can incorporate the baby’s name into the design. A personalized unique baby quilt for the holiday gift on your list.

Will it fit?

You bet it will. No worries about clothing that turns out to be too small, or that will be outgrown in a minute, or that fits in the wrong season. A baby quilt will cuddle the tiniest infant and serve as a play mat for the adventurous toddler.

Will it shrink?

Not if you’ve chosen an experienced quilter who has prewashed the fabrics and matched them for type. If laundering instructions are followed, your baby quilt will come through countless trips to the washer and dryer with its size intact and its good looks still perfect.

learn to sew tips, binding, tools

Will it last?

Better than almost anything else you can give. No shrinking, no fading, no hardware to lose. No plastic to crack. No obsolescence as the child grows, because the versatile quilt matures into a travel blanket and a cozy wrap at story time.

Will It REALLY last?

When the time is right, this unique baby quilt can be stored for use by future new arrivals in the family, or kept as a treasured keepsake, so that this baby’s babies can enjoy their mom’s very own baby quilt.

How About Big Sister?

Check two people off your list by buying a larger quilt for the baby’s sister or brother.  Avoid quilt envy and supply the older child with an equally spectacular and personal gift.

 My Creds?

 If you want this baby and his family to remember you with great fondness for a very long time, attach yourself to an unusual and unique baby quilt gift they’ll all appreciate for a very, very long time.

 And No batteries or assembly required.

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