Handmade Baby Quilts with Football Theme Score Big

Handmade quilts with a football theme score big with sports-loving families and baby shower guests alike.

First Quarter

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

Even before the little one gets in the game, the chance for you to score big with family and friends is available with a one-of-kind baby quilt that celebrates football. There’ll be lots of conventional, ho-hum baby gifts at the shower, but when your box is opened and that unique football-theme quilt is revealed, there’s gonna be cheers from the crowd.

How could those shower guests not be impressed with a gift that is handmade, original, personalized with the baby’s name and totally in sync with the family’s football enthusiasm? And you can be the coach. Maybe you can get your hands on Dad’s varsity football jersey so that part of it can be integrated into the deign. Or tell The Baby Quilt Lady dad’s number, and that too can be included.

Second Quarter

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

Now the new little player has made an entrance onto the field.  The football quilt will be on the offense, warding off chills and keeping the baby cozy and warm, whether the situation is sitting on the sidelines watching a game at the field or on TV, or being on the family traveling team when the car gets a bit cool or Grandma’s  home is a tad too frigid.

This baby quilt will go on the defense, protecting the new little one from the uneasiness of new places. No matter the environment, the familiar quilt will provide comforting security. The three-layered construction of the softest baby flannel and top quality batting and backing ensure this littlest football fan will be wrapped in cuddly comfort.

Third Quarter

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

As the baby’s world expands and new plays are in the picture, you’ll be confident the baby quilt you chose from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique is up to the challenge. Be assured, The Baby Quilt Lady has used the best quality materials and the strongest sewing techniques to construct a rugged contender. Now that the toddler is dragging the beloved quilt everywhere and using it as a play mat for fun time with friends and family, the quilt you chose will always be right on the line, ready to play.

Fourth Quarter

football baby quilt

Now the handmade baby quilt has been through countless trips through the washer and dryer and retained its original good looks. That’s because prewashed fabrics eliminate the chance of fading and shrinking. The Baby Quilt Lady’s meticulous construction allows her one-of-kind quilts to make it to the final buzzer when the baby is no longer a baby.

Post Game

There’ll be no retirement for the baby quilt you selected at The Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. This cherished baby quilt, so loved by the baby and appreciated by the family, can be stored  for the next generation. Then the newest rookies will be wrapped in the same quilt that brought comfort to their mom or dad.

Want a sure winner baby gift?  Contact The Baby Quilt Lady now.

 Buy the baby a quilt, and you’ll get the game ball since handmade baby quilts with a football theme score big.

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