“I Spy” Patchwork Baby Quilts Have Built-in Mystery

 “I Spy” patchwork baby quilts have built-in mystery, so when you buy yours from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, you’ll get more than just a pretty blanket.

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Each Patch Has a Mate in the Design

The Baby Quilt Lady creates her one-of-a-kind, “I Spy” patchwork designs to not only look good and feel good but to challenge the baby with a matching game that will stimulate his brain and deliver the pride and joy of accomplishment.  It’s not so easy to complete a crossword or solve a Sudoku when you’re still in diapers, but you can hunt through the patches of your soft, cuddly quilt and find the matching pairs. Personalized Animal I Spy Baby Quilt

Not that patch matching is a cinch. The quilt design is chock full of adorable prints, such as jungle animals, birds, and zoo and aquatic animals The Baby Quilt Lady assembles them in eye-pleasing arrangements that place the matches in unexpected positions. Challenging, but not too challenging for the newbie patch hunter.

What fun for a little one to check out all the possibilities and discover the matching patches! This is a game that can be played with grandparents, siblings, and parents as well.

The “I Spy” Patchwork Quilts Can Be Personalized Personalized Animal I Spy Baby Quilt

Even though there will be lots of traditional baby prints in the “I Spy” quilt the Baby Quilt Lady designs for boys and girls, she can also integrate patterns from the clothing of family loved ones.  You might want to include something that was worn by a favorite aunt or uncle who has passed on.  This is a great way to keep them part of the new baby’s life. Or it might be fun to include something that belongs to the baby’s brothers and sisters so that the siblings can feel they are an integral part of the new baby’s life.

And even though there’s a patchwork motif, The Baby Quilt Lady can embroider the baby’s name in the quilt design, so that recognizing her own name will be as easy as matching the patches.

Patchwork with Matches Blend Old and New

American pioneers made patchwork quilts to buffer their frontier windows as well as warm their beds.  So when you give the baby in your life a patchwork quilt, you are passing on a bit of history. Ah, but the patchwork quilts made by The Baby Quilt Lady include all the threads and fabrics produced by the latest technology and have all the best assembly techniques available to modern quilters.

So when you’re thinking about what to give that new little baby who’s coming soon, there should be no mystery about what to choose.  Forget about the breakable toys and shrinkable clothes and invest in an “I Spy” patchwork quilt. It will be treasured now by this new baby and cherished later as an heirloom for future babies to enjoy.

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